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“Everyone should go back home the way they came”

That is Zero Harm.

At Fanira, like many organisations, we believe in “VISION ZERO”. It is this belief that drives us to want to share and to support your organisation to achieve the objective that is “Zero Harm”. Through our consulting division, Fanira Advisory we offer customized solutions and training programs to help transform employee, process and contractor safety performance. Put simply -


“Everyone should go back home the way they came”

That is Zero Harm.

By engaging us, you get a lot of insights in worlds best practice with relevant case studies and customised solutions that will help improve your organisations workplace safety, employee skills development and risk mitigation. Through management systems, operational discipline and empowered employees, we can help you identify and control risks.

Workplace safety is a critical component of any operation or business, by reducing workplace injuries and incidents, performance is increased.  The reality though, in a world of the unexpected – increased competition, outdated equipment, new technology and products, regulatory changes, there is increased pressure to do more with less.

Fanira Safety will work with you to develop customised workplace safety management systems that are sustainable and resilient which will allow you to focus on your core business. We take a practical approach, working with you to understand the issues, define objectives, and meet those goals effectively and efficiently.

Clint Lourens Q&A

Clint Lourens our Working at Heights Specialist answering questions after presenting "Engineering Approach to Safe Working at Heights" at NSSA Engineering Workshop March 2019

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Embedded Project Safety Consultants

In most cases organisations find it hard to identify a starting point when developing their safety management systems. Fanira consultants can be deployed to your organisation to help you identify and develop a framework to start or to progress your safety systems. Safety is a never-ending journey, and every journey has a starting point.

Workplace Safety

​We work with organisations develop their Safety & Health Management Systems (SHMS). The basic building blocks of any SHMS are:

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It is more than just about compliance. Fanira consultants will work with your organisations to develop a robust, effective and sustainable Safety & Health Management System.

Process Safety Culture

Everyone must play their part and own theirs and those around them’ safety. It is fundamental that we ensure the entire organisation is aligned when approaching safety. It involves every employee in the company, from the leadership team, to the front-line personnel and contractors.

Fanira consultants work with your organisation to look beyond the technical aspects of safety and the foundations of safety management systems. We apply principles of organisational culture change to occupational safety and health, thus developing a Safety Culture. The outcomes include: ​

  • Definition of the Organisational Safety Strategy

  • Leadership, Team & Culture development

  • Prevention of incidents, operational risk reduction, improved safety performance, maximise production

  • Identify roles and develop competencies that can help sustain skills development that ensure sustenance of the Safety Culture

  • Development of up to date and relevant policies, programs & procedures

  • Risk Based approach that addresses current and future risks

  • An empowered workforce that prioritises safety

​Data Analytics

It is common for data to be collected but it is another to effectively analyse, interpret and utilise the gathered data. We help organisations streamline data collection, focus on more effective data analysis, use that data to make more informed decisions, and faster reaction to undesirable safety trends. Establishing and utilising both leading and lagging key performance indicators to understand where the organization is today with respect to health and safety performance and most importantly how the trends and conclusions drawn from the data guide the organization to get to where it wants to be tomorrow.


​Incident Investigations

Immediate and effective incident management enables organisations to promptly learn from the event and to put controls in place that prevent reoccurrence. Where there are legal implications, the organisation is better prepared to gather the necessary information and follow appropriate steps.

Fanira consultants can guide your organisation through the incident investigation process and help you to move forward.



The best means to creating a safe workplace whilst improving other key performance indicators production, efficiency, quality and cost is by ensuring personnel are appropriately trained. Fanira Safety will work with you to develop fit for purpose training strategy that us aided by subject specific training requirements and modules. Training strategies must account for both general, industry specific and company specific requirements and needs.

Communication and Branding

Worker engagement is one of the keys to any successful safety initiative. Nothing drives ownership like a personalised custom safety message. Our team will develop your internal safety communication strategy and materials which include:

  • Program branding

  • Designing creative communication methods

  • Use of digital communication

  • Brochures, posters and handouts

  • Videos – Inductions, subject matter training material

  • Safety workshop & presentation materials

  • Company Specific Safety Manual

  • Procedure and work instruction development​